3D printing technology has been changing the operation of many industries. Apparently fashion is one of them which is able to generate most specific and original outcomes. In this list you will find amazingly fashionable 3D printed clothes from creative designers. Time to inspire! The days that we are going to 3D print our own clothes at our homes are not too far…

1- New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 – Designed by Travis Fitch

The dress is composed of 30 separate multi-material, multi-color 3D-printed parts, assembled from 270 design files.

nwy fashion week

2- 3D Printed Fashion Collection – Designed by Danit Peleg

This collection has the feature of being the first 3D-printed fashion collection printed entirely using home printers. It took more than 2000 hours to print, about 400 hours per outfit.

3d printed cloth

3-Paris Fashion Week- Designed by Iris van Herpen

An experimental new material was put to use in the creation of a flexible, soft dress of stunning complexity.


4-New York Fashion Week- Designed by Alexis Walsh

The Spire Dress is composed of over 400 individual tiles that were printed in SLS nylon and assembled by hand with metal ring connectors.

3d printed dress

5-Kinematic Petal Dress- Designed by Nervous System

The dress uses Nervous System’s Kinematics textile technology—a system through which garments are 3D printed out of a flexible material as a single folded piece. It is made up of 1600 pieces.

kinematic dress

6-3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese- Designed by Michael Schmidt

The printer produced 17 sections that were then hand-linked together into the dress. And 12,000 black Swarovski crystals were hand applied after that.

3d printed dress

7-3d Printed Dress at The Paralympic Opening Ceremony – Designed by Danit Peleg

 It was printed using a soft, nude colored filament FilaFlex, a TPE thermoplastic elastomer which allowed for movement.

3d printed dress

8- Platform Fashion Show

Platform Fashion, the lifestyle specialist Voxelworld and Lexus presented 3D-printed fashion for the first time in Germany with a specially developed collection for the event. 13 designers from the USA, Asia and Europe designed a special 3D printed collection.

3d printed dress

9- 3D Printed Minimalist Apparel – Designed by Charbel Feghaly

This is a glamorous top was Feghaly’s final-year project and he was collaborated with df3D design company.


10–  Victoria’s Secret Bustier – Designed by Bradley Rothenberg

The design is an interlocking snowflake fractal printed in white nylon 1 millimetre thick. It’s flexible and stronger than you might expect.




10 Amazingly Fashionable 3D Printed Clothes