The capabilities of a 3D printer continues to surprise us every day. In this case, we have printed the parts to build our own fully operational DRONE.

Printed parts have been done using our 3D printer Prusa i3 EXTENDED, which have a printing volumen of 200x300x190mm, allowing us to print all required pieces at once. Material used for this print has been Smartfil  PLA  filament which as you can see in the printing process video, it has no warping and a great printing quality.

Our 3D printer Prusa i3 EXTENDED, uses an original E3D v6  to be used with 1,75mm filament and 0,40mm nozzle.

In this video you can see the printing process:

Hardware assembly:

Electronics assembly:

Drone on flight:

If you are a fan of drone flight certainly you must have a 3D printer, which will help you to print your pieces, hacks and spare parts!

*Source and files download by @Tech2C

Drone Peon230 – Quadcopter printed using a 3D printer
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