3D printing is getting more popular each day and the possibilities are endless when it comes to choose what to print. It can be any household item that you need, a fashionable accessorize or even a mobile case! Let’s have a look at the brilliant designs that simplify your life thanks to your 3D printer!

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1-Small items organizer


This little box will be perfect to save your belts, drills and screws. No more mess searching for your small items! (Download design)

2-Self-Watering Planter


You don’t have to follow up your plants’ water routine anymore, because this planter waters it for you! Just plant your favourite herb, add water, and you’re all set. (Download design)

3-Second Life Mug


It is a brilliant idea to give a second chance to your jars! Printing this holder, you will have the coolest designed glasses! (Download design)

4-Cellular Lamp


This cellular lamp will provide a magical look to your room decoration. (Download design)



Are you looking for a gift for your friend’s new place? This can be the most original and funny trinket that you may present. (Download design)

6-Stackable Battery Holders


It is very simple to assemble this battery holder. It is stackable and will sit on a table. (Download design)

7-Tower of Pi pencil case


Having this stylish pencil case, definitely your table will be the most popular one in your office. (Download design)

8-Smart One Handed Bottle Opener


This smart one handed bottle opener can be the most practical one in the world! So why don’t you have it and surprise your family and friends? (Download design)

9-Stiletto Business Card Case 


Apart from being elegant and stylish this business card case will allow you to push your cards easily. (Download design)

10-Superhero Key chains


3D printed superhero collection includes Batman, Iron man, Superman and Spiderman key chains. They must be the perfect gift for superhero lovers! (Download design)

11-Ear bud case


No more untie a tangle! Print an ear bud case to yourself and enjoy listening to music with free hands. (Download design)

12-Sponge Holder


It is a perfect location for your sponges to get dry. And it provides a more hygienic kitchen as each of them will have its own place. (Download design)

13-Paper Clips


Paper clips are always cute, more if they are specially designed like these baby bottle paper clips. (Download design)

14-Egg Cup


A brilliant idea to hold your egg and having this one you won’t need another plate to put the egg shells. (Download design)

15-Bow Tie


Do you want to be stylish in a surprising way? Print out this bow tie design in different colours and start to combine them with your shirts! (Download design)

15 3D printed objects to simplify your life