Drone Peon230 – Quadcopter printed using a 3D printer

The capabilities of a 3D printer continues to surprise us every day. In this case, we have printed the parts to build our own fully operational […]

Tutorial> Titan Extruder Prusa i3 Mega Dual Assembly

In this post, you will find the assembly of Titan Extruder Prusa i3 Mega Dual! To get your Titan Extruder click here. If you still do not […]

3D printed coffee machine, great stuff for coffee lovers!

The best thing having a desktop 3D printer is customizing unique objects. It can print almost anything you want for you or for your family&friends. Although it […]

Printing a planter with Prusa i3 and Smartfil P.E.

When you use a high quality material in the right conditions you may achieve a very clean printing and final product. This cactus planter was designed […]

Creative and Useful Things that You Can Print with Your Zortrax M200

There are hundreds of things that you can dream, design and print with your 3D printers! It may be a household item that you can never […]

Elements 3D Printed on Zortrax M200 Showcased during the SS16 Fashion Week

This post is a proof that each day 3D printing technology will affect more our lives. The Macedonian’s designer Irina Tosheva has utilized 3D printing technology […]

First Ever 3D Candy Printer!

Now it is possible to send your messages in a “sweet” way! Candy personalization were launched by Katjes Magic Candy Factory and Dylan’s Candy Bar by […]

Keeping the Quality – Zortrax M200

If you want to use your 3D printer for a longer time without bearing noise, warping or nozzle clogging, keeping clean the machine is essential. In […]

The world’s first 3D-printed motorcycle will cost you €50,000

Airbus has launched the world´s first 3D-printed motorcycle ´Light Rider´. It is the lightest motorcycle in the world thanks to the material it was made of. […]