The medical use of 3D Printing in medical usage is one of the hottest topic in medical sector nowadays and it has a huge potential in terms of continuously implementing.

We have been receiving many questions from professionals about usage of 3D printing for medical purposes. Absolutely it is a trending topping for the members of each medical area; doctors, radiology technicians, dentists, prosthetists, etc.

Everyone has asked us a first question in a general way;

“Can I print the 3D model of the affected part of my patient with an inexpensive printer?”

And we have always given them the same answer. Of course, it is possible to make this impression, even with a low-cost printer, if the volume does not exceed approximately 20cm cubic.

In most cases, the 3D printed model is used for physically pre-visualize the part and to make it a touchable object in order to see bone weaknesses or sensitive areas before surgery. So far, we have been printed jaws, bones of the hand, joints such as elbows and ankles, hips and even shoulder blades! These models have also been used to show the current situation and possible action to be carried out to the patient in a perfectly clear and understandable way.

Undoubtedly, thanks to the wide variety of materials that we can currently find in the market, this task has been carried out with all the sanitary guarantees. A special filament is used with a bio-compatibility certification that ensures the safe usage of material with the body human. In this case the MEDICAL Material of SmartMaterials3D

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Medical Use of 3D Printing