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10 Things You Need to Know Before Deciding Your 3D Printer

3D printing world has been expanded tremendously in previous few years. As a result, there are numbers of 3D printers which can make things more complicated […]

Drone Peon230 – Quadcopter printed using a 3D printer

The capabilities of a 3D printer continues to surprise us every day. In this case, we have printed the parts to build our own fully operational […]

Drone Peon230 – Quadcopter impreso en impresora 3D

Las capacidades de una impresora 3D siguen sorprendiéndonos cada día. En este caso, hemos impreso las partes para construirnos nuestro propio DRONE completamente operativo. Las partes […]

Printing a planter with Prusa i3 and Smartfil P.E.

When you use a high quality material in the right conditions you may achieve a very clean printing and final product. This cactus planter was designed […]