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3D Printing With Carbon Fiber Filament

The industrial sectors are undoubtedly the ones that have the most advantages with the introduction of 3D printing into their production processes. During the first years […]

Impresión 3D: Filamento con Fibras de Carbono

Los sectores industriales son sin duda los que más ventajas están obteniendo con la introducción en sus procesos productivos de la utilización de la impresión 3D. […]

6 Outstanding Products in 3D Printing Sector

As being a part of 3d printing sector over 7 years, we could have “a little” experience regarding 3d printers, tools and materials. 🙂 Undoubtedly, throughout […]

La maquina de café impresa en 3D, una gran cosa para los amantes del café!

Lo mejor de tener una impresora 3D de escritorio es poder personalizar objetos. Se puede imprimir casi cualquier objeto que desees para ti o para tus […]

3D printed coffee machine, great stuff for coffee lovers!

The best thing having a desktop 3D printer is customizing unique objects. It can print almost anything you want for you or for your family&friends. Although it […]

Manteniendo la calidad de Zortrax M200

Si desea utilizar su impresora 3D por más tiempo sin tener que soportar el ruido de los rodamientos, obstrucción de la boquilla, mantener limpia la impresora […]

Creative and Useful Things that You Can Print with Your Zortrax M200

There are hundreds of things that you can dream, design and print with your 3D printers! It may be a household item that you can never […]

Elements 3D Printed on Zortrax M200 Showcased during the SS16 Fashion Week

This post is a proof that each day 3D printing technology will affect more our lives. The Macedonian’s designer Irina Tosheva has utilized 3D printing technology […]

Keeping the Quality – Zortrax M200

If you want to use your 3D printer for a longer time without bearing noise, warping or nozzle clogging, keeping clean the machine is essential. In […]