There are hundreds of things that you can dream, design and print with your 3D printers! It may be a household item that you can never find, a colourful and customized ear bud pod or a creative lamb. In this post, you will find funny and useful items that you can have in your hand in hours. If you do not have a Zortrax M200 Printer do not worry! Click here to get your Zortrax and enjoy with the free spool of material that comes with your printer. Or contact us (, we print the item for you and you get it in hours as well!

Source: Zortrax Library

Craig Barr’s Ear Bud Pod

item1-2 item1

This little piece will not only protect your ear bud wires and jack from tangling and tearing, but will also save you from a bit excruciating and irritating activity which is detangling the huge knot of wires just in time when you want to turn your mp3 player on and listen to your favourite song.

Lefab Shop’s Candy Box and Secret Message Lamp

 sweet-box-03 sweet-box-01

Can a candy box be cuter than this? Feel free to use it for other purposes as well. Put your little soaps in it and place in your bathroom or paperclips in your office or your hairclips in your bedroom! Options depend on your creativity!

04 011

This lamp hides a secret message. When off, it’s a simple white lampshade, but when you turn it on, a message is revealed trough the plastic : “Would you Marry me?”

Polymorphic3d’s Tea Lily and Z-Cube Coaster

An organic inspired tea-candle lantern and/or holder. This design, inspired by generic lily flowers, produces an interesting lighting effect when the light flickers through the embedded-hole designs.

Tea_Lily2 Tea_Lily1

This Z*Cube Coaster is a cool, sleek coaster design that works best with multi-coloured tiles. Print the coaster and the tiles and mix and match colours!

ZCube_Coaster2 ZCube_Coaster1


Creative and Useful Things that You Can Print with Your Zortrax M200