If you want to use your 3D printer for a longer time without bearing noise, warping or nozzle clogging, keeping clean the machine is essential. In this article you will find the regular care tips for quality maintenance of Zortrax M200. Keep in mind that if you buy your Zortrax M200 from 3D Printers-Shop, you will get free service support any time!

Article by: Katarzyna Greda

Source: Zortrax

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Back to Basics

To achieve the best 3D print quality, you need to remember that there’s some groundwork to be done, i.e. checking and cleaning, before each and every use. Here’s a little recap on what you need to do before pressing the ‘on’ switch. The first step is to clean the machine, especially the platform to avoid problems with your model’s adhesion and potential warping. Then make sure that there are no material remains from previous printing. That includes checking if the head isn’t clogged and if all three axes are clean from material remains.

Time Matters

We bet you’ve been making a lot of 3D prints for quite some time and that they’re great. But now it’s time to ensure that your next projects are at least as good. To maintain the prints quality, there are some activities that need to be done quite regularly. So, mind the clock and take a look at our recommendations:

  • every 300 working hours: clean the perforated plate and perform platform auto calibration,
  • every 500 working hours: check the drive belt tension on X,Y axis and between X,Y motors and the axes, make sure that the screws mounting the pulleys on X,Y axis and pulleys on motor axis are tightened, remember about removing material remains and lumps from the extruder,
  • every 700 working hours: check if the screws mounting the heating block are tightened, as well as Z axis mounting screws and nuts.

Also, remember about lubricating the screws and rods: X,Y axis every 250-500 working hours and Z axis every 700.

Keeping the Quality – Zortrax M200