When you use a high quality material in the right conditions you may achieve a very clean printing and final product.

This cactus planter was designed by our team and printed with our Prusa i3. The printing took approximately 1 hour with 50mm/s printing speed, 20% infill ratio, and 0.15mm layer height.


The printing material was Smartfil E.P. 1.75 mm filament. You will like this material because of how easy it is to use: low printing temperatures without warping and very easy to manipulate in order to improve the surface finish. It is harder than PLA. Ideal for those who are engaged in the fields of art, architecture, ethics, if they make models, restorations, imitations of sculptures, etc…

This material stands out for its :

  • Excellent sanding
  • Excellent resolution
  • Its ceramic finish
  • You can paint with any paint

It is available in 1.75 and 2.85 mm in “ivory white” or “true black” colours. Contact us to get more info about Prusa i3 and Smartfil materials.

Printing a planter with Prusa i3 and Smartfil P.E.